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Air Humidifier Cotton Filters

Air Humidifier Cotton Filters

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Discover the secret to the cleanest, most invigorating air in your home or workspace with our Air Humidifier Cotton Filters. When it comes to ensuring the air produced by your humidifier is at its purest, our top-quality cotton filters are your go-to solution.

The simple and ingenious design of these cotton filters allows the cotton sponge to absorb water and then release moisture into the air, providing you with optimal humidification around your home or workspace. 

Even better, there’s no complex installation and replacement processes. With these cotton filters, it's a hassle-free experience. Enjoy the convenience and benefits of cleaner, more invigorating air, knowing that your space is optimised for your well-being.


  • All natural fibre
  • Up to 3 months of use
  • High water absorption
  • Easy to use and replace
  • Creates the optimal air moisture

What sets our cotton filters apart is their unique ability to expand when installed in your filtration device. This expansion significantly enhances the efficiency and performance, ensuring you always get the most from the best air humidifier Australia has to offer.


Dimensions (L x W mm): 30 x 166

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