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Quality air humidifiers can improve your quality of life

Quality air is important for everyone’s quality of life. Breathing clean and healthy air is essential for our overall well-being. Unfortunately, the air we are breathing is often unnaturally dry and this can cause respiratory issues and aggravate existing health conditions such as dry skin, eczema as well as coughs and congestion. This is where air humidifiers can make a difference.

These cleverly designed devices can provide vital humidity to the air to ensure that everyone enjoys the fresh and healthy air. A healthy environment is crucial to well-being. Being able to combat the effects of dry air is a key concern. It can be easy to take for granted how humidity in the air acts as a natural moisturiser.

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    Breathing Better

    Breathing can alleviate stress and rejuvenate your body especially with the right level of moisture in the air around you.

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    Improved Hair & Skin

    Dry air can wreak havoc on our skin and hair. This can lead to significant health issues beyond cracked skin and brittle, lifeless hair.

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    Quality Sleep

    Getting a deep and restful sleep is improved with an air humidifier. Say good night to a dry nose and throat and wake up with renewed energy.

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How air humidifiers can make a difference

There are many air humidifier benefits. The key one is to keep the air at the ideal humidity level (between 30% to 50%). A quality air humidifier makes this task a breeze. Due to the heating in your home and the cold outdoor air, the indoor air becomes drier in the winter. This can cause throat and nasal discomfort, making you more susceptible to coughs and colds.

There are varying levels of heat and humidity in the warmer times of the year too. While we can’t affect the temperature and humidity level outdoors, we do have control over our indoor air quality. It makes sense to create the best possible environment for healthier living.

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A little help for your little ones

There’s nothing worse than when your child has trouble breathing, suffers from a sore, dry throat or a nagging cough. This is when the benefits of choosing the best air humidifier can be a great source of relief for your little one and the rest of the family.


Finding your ideal air humidifier

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Double Spray Air Humidifier

Keep the air at the optimal level of humidity all year round. It’s never been easier than with this specially designed Double Spray unit. Easy to use, easy to clean and with a large capacity and rapid diffusion, you can have the perfect air to enjoy every day.

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Why choose an air humidifier from Blue & Brown?

You can always be sure that you are getting a high-quality product when you shop with Blue & Brown. The range includes everything from the best in fan rotating air purifier, double spray air humidifiers, or even a special item such as a portable ionizer car air purifier for better air quality.



What are the health benefits of using an air humidifier?

Choosing the best air humidifier does more than keep the air at the right level of humidity. You have the power to help fight the effects of dry air and offer relief for a range of conditions such as: dry skin, congestion, dry throat, cracked lips, dry eyes, sore vocal cords, an irritated nose and a persistent dry cough.

Can air humidifiers help with allergies?

That would be a clear Yes!  Your new air humidifier can be effective in alleviating the symptoms of a range of allergies, as well as cold and flu issues, sinusitis and skin conditions such as eczema. It’s goodbye to the discomfort and hello to a more relaxing and restful life.

How hard is it to look after an air humidifier?

There is no great trick to keeping the magic of your air humidifier working for you. It is important to keep the unit properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you can avoid special issues by using distilled water rather than tap water in your unit.

Can you put an air humidifier anywhere?

Your air humidifier can be placed in almost any room, including an office space or a bedroom. Increased moisture in the air can help fight common allergies while providing added comfort while sleeping due to reduced static electricity and dust in the air and reducing snoring by improving the air quality.

Can you use an air humidifier AND an air purifier together?

While an air humidifier controls the moisture in the air, it does not affect how an air purifier works. In fact, using these special devices in tandem gives you the doubled benefits of eliminating impurities and avoiding the problems of dry air. Keep the units from being in close proximity  where the filters of the purifier may become clogged by the moist air from the humidifier.

Do air humidifiers spread germs?

Only humidifiers which aren’t properly cleaned on a regular basis can cause issues. Regular maintenance will help you avoid the chances of your humidifier becoming a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.