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Double Spray Air Humidifier

Double Spray Air Humidifier

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Say farewell to dry air, and embrace the world of comfort and health with our Double Spray Air Humidifier. Designed to keep the air around you at the perfect moisture level, this little wonder is your key to banishing the discomforts that come with dryness.

Are you tired of battling dry sinuses, bloody noses, and chapped lips? Is your little one under the weather with a cold? Our cool-mist humidifier is here to the rescue, adding just the right amount of moisture to the air, ensuring you breathe and sleep better.

What sets our Double Spray Humidifier apart is its ingenious dual design. Not only does it humidify the air, but it also moisturises your room. The best part? It's a breeze to use. Just position it in the area where you need that moisture boost, and with two programmable settings, it disperses a gentle mist throughout the space, creating an oasis of comfort.


  • Rechargeable USB battery
  • Full 2 litre capacity
  • Two programmable settings
  • Disperses over a large area
  • Easy to identify water level

Our Double Spray Air Humidifier is your ticket to a healthier, more comfortable home or office environment - it’s the air humidifier Australians love.


Material: ABS
Weight: Approx. 837g/29.5oz
Voltage: 5V
Current: 2A
Water Tank Capacity: 2L
Atomization Volume: 35 x 2ml/L
Battery: Lithium Battery 3600mAh (Included)

Package List

1 x Humidifier
2 x Humidifier Stick
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Power Cord

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